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Eastern Collared Lizard Crotaphytus collaris


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Eastern Collared Lizard
credit: Daniel Schwen

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Family: Crotaphytidae, Collared and Leopard Lizards view all from this family

Description Large head and powerful jaws. They are well known for the ability to run on their hind legs, looking like small dinosaurs. Distinct coloration, which includes bands of black around the neck and shoulders that look like a collar. Yellow-green with bluish coloring and spots/bands. Greenish/blue-orange throat on males.

Dimensions 20-35.6cm. (8-14")

Warning Collared lizards have powerful jaws that can inflict a painful bite if the lizard is handled improperly.

Breeding April-June. 1-12 eggs in a clutch. 8.9cm (3 1/2") long when hatched.

Habitat Forests with large rocks for basking.

Range Utah to Colorado, Illinois, Texas, Mexico to Arizona.

Discussion Diurnal. Will bite if given the chance. Insects and smaller lizards comprise main diet. If trying to escape captors it will rise on its hind legs and flail its tail like a dinosaur. Fierce little creature.