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Green Toad Bufo debilis


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Green Toad
credit: Factumquintus

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Bufonidae, Toads view all from this family

Description Green/yellowish with black spotting. Dark throat on males.

Dimensions 3.2-5.4cm. (1 1/4"-2 1/8")

Warning Toads have enlarged glands (called the paratoid glands) on the side of the neck, one behind each eye. These glands secrete a viscous white poison that gets smeared in the mouth of any would-be predator, inflaming the mouth and throat and causing nausea, irregular heart beat, and, in extreme cases, death. Toads pose a danger to pets, which may pounce on and bite them. Humans should take care to wash their hands after handling a toad, and to avoid touching the mouth or eyes until having done so.

Subspecies Eastern - discrete black spots. Kansas to c. Oklahoma, Texas & into Mexico.

Voice Cricketlike trill.

Breeding March-September. After rains have filled pools. Skipped if in dry season. Eggs attached underwater to vegetation.

Habitat Prairies, rocks of semi-arid regions.

Range Kansas through Texas, Gulf coast, Mexico, s. Arizona, Mexico &Colorado.

Discussion Active at sundown. Forages under forest debris after rainfall.