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Pine Barrens Treefrog Hyla andersonii


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Pine Barrens Treefrog
credit: R.Tuck

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Hylidae, Treefrogs view all from this family

Description Green with dark, wide stripes. Non-visible part of thighs orange and large toe pads.

Dimensions 2.9-5.1cm. (1 1/8-2")

Voice Nasal honk.

Breeding April-August. Eggs laid attached to underwater vegetation near waters edge.

Habitat Peat bogs, shallow ponds.

Range Eastern United States. New Jersey Pine Barrens, the Sandhills of North and South Carolina, and the Florida panhandle.

Discussion Nocturnal. Rarely seen except during mating season. Normally returns to same breeding site each season. Destruction of wetlands is reducing it's habitat dramatically and is affecting its survival.