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Southern Cricket Frog Acris gryllus


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Southern Cricket Frog, Florida subspecies
credit: Stephen Friedt

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Hylidae, Treefrogs view all from this family

Description Reddish/brown with black or green stripe down back. Rough skin and pointed snout with long legs. Hind feet webbed.

Dimensions 1.6-3.2cm. (5/8-1 1/4")

Subspecies Florida - 2 dark stripes on thigh.sw. Georgia, along Georgia coast. Also se. Alabama & Florida peninsula.

Voice Cricketlike sounds. 1-2 syllables.

Breeding Year-round.

Habitat Swamps, marshes, ponds and lakes.

Range Coastal plain of Virginia through Mississippi and Louisiana. Also Florida peninsula.

Discussion Avid jumper. Walking along waters edge will normally disturb a number of cricket frogs. Active during the day. Diet is mainly of insects.