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Idaho Giant Salamander Dicamptodon aterrimus (Dicamptodon ensatus aterrimus)


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Idaho Giant Salamander
credit: Bear Paw Battlefield/CCSA

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Family: Dicamptodontidae, Giant Salamanders view all from this family

Description Dark and intricately blotched, color varies from purple, tan, gray and copperish brown. Superficial resemblance to the Tiger Salamander. Defining thick body and head.

Dimensions 17-25cm. (7-13")

Breeding Larvae wait for food to be brought to them.

Habitat Humid forest streams.

Range Rocky Mountains through to Idaho and Montana.

Discussion Similar to the California Giant Salamander, Cope's Giant Salamander and Coastal Giant Salamander. Larvae have small gills, adapted for small stream living. Most larvae become mature adults but some undergo paedomorphosis (retains traits from being larvae, such as gills.)