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Belding's Ground Squirrel Spermophilus beldingi


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Belding's Ground Squirrel
credit: Justin Johnsen/CCSA

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Family: Sciuridae, Squirrels view all from this family

Description Tail is moderately bushy, reddish, and black-tipped. There is a broad, brown band that runs down the center of the back, contrasting slightly with the grayish sides. Has a narrow, white eye ring.

Dimensions 270-315mm, 60-75mm, 300-450g; / 265-295mm, 60-75mm, 230-400g

Habitat Alpine & subalpine habitats, Meadows & fields, Cities, suburbs & towns, Grasslands & prairies

Range Rocky Mountains, Southwest, California, Northwest

Discussion Extensive hibernator, so that all foraging, growth and reproduction occurs in three frantic spring and summer months. Typical alarm call is a trill of 5-8 short whistles. Uses short grass habitats in alpine meadows, along roadsides, and in cultivated fields.