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Mexican Woodrat Neotoma mexicana


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Family: Muridae, Mice and Rats view all from this family

Description Smallish woodrat with sparsely haired tail and throat hairs gray at base. Back may be grayish brown or rufous brown; white below with a bicolored tail. Color is less gray than Southern Plains Woodrat. A dusky line usually borders the mouth.

Dimensions 290-415mm, 105-205mm, 150-255g

Habitat Canyons & caves, Forests & woodlands

Range Rocky Mountains, Southwest, Texas

Discussion May build stick dens; more typically uses crevices, tree cavities, or buildings for nests. Mexican Woodrats have the weakest instinct for collecting items, the behavior that led to the name packrat. Food includes berries, seeds, and green vegetation. Found on rocky outcrops or cliffs and rocky slopes in mountainous areas and woodlands.