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Arizona Pocket Mouse Perognathus amplus


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Arizona Pocket Mouse
credit: Turtlerangle/CCSA

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Family: Heteromyidae, Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats view all from this family

Description Small pocket mouse with orangish-tan upperparts sprinkled with black to varying degrees depending on soil color, and white or pale tan underparts. Tail is longer than head and body, slightly bicolored, and lacks a terminal tuft.

Dimensions 135-173mm, 75-88mm, 9-14g

Habitat Deserts, Scrub, shrub & brushlands

Range Southwest

Discussion Although not true hibernators, they spend cool winter months in their burrow, feeding on stored seeds. Solitary and nocturnal, they forage between small shrubs or bunch-grasses in flat habitats with fine-textured soils, venturing into open areas only when the moon is dark.