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Desert Kangaroo Rat Dipodomys deserti


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Family: Heteromyidae, Pocket Mice and Kangaroo Rats view all from this family

Description Similar to Banner-tailed Kangaroo Rat, but slightly paler overall and with paler, less contrasting dorsal and ventral stripes on tail. Large hind feet are covered with relatively long hairs, and have four toes. Indistinct white spot over eye, and another behind ear that extends across the shoulder to the white underparts. Indistinct white band across the hips and an indistinct darker spot at the base of the whiskers. Soles of hind feet are nearly white. Color of upper parts varies from pale fawn to grayish black, depending on subspecies.

Dimensions 305-377mm, 180-215mm, 83-148g

Habitat Deserts

Range Southwest, California

Discussion Uses loose sandy soil in the most arid areas of North America, from below sea level in Death Valley to 1700m.