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Dusky-footed Woodrat Neotoma fuscipes


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Dusky-footed Woodrat
credit: Schaefeross/CCSA

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Family: Muridae, Mice and Rats view all from this family

Description Has sooty-colored hairs on the top of hind feet. Medium-sized woodrat with brownish-gray back, pale to white belly, and a faintly bicolored tail. Pelage darker near coast.

Dimensions 335-470mm, 160-240mm, 205-360g

Endangered Status The Riparian Woodrat, a subspecies of the Dusky-footed Woodrat, is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as endangered in California. This rat requires densely brushy riverside habitat, and once found sufficient habitat throughout the Central Valley. Water diversion practices throughout the 20th century modified this habitat to such an extent that today there is only one known population of this woodrat remaining, at Caswell Memorial State Park, on the Stanislaus River.

Habitat Scrub, shrub & brushlands, Forests & woodlands, Alpine & subalpine habitats

Range California, Northwest

Discussion Constructs fairly elaborate stick nests on the ground, in the vegetation, and on rocky slopes. Found mainly in scrub and woodland communities..