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White-footed Mouse Peromyscus leucopus

Track In dust, hindprint 5/8" (1517 mm) long, with 5 toes printing; foreprint 1/4" (68 mm) long and wide, with 4 toes printing; straddle, 1 3/8" (3436 mm), with foreprints printing behind and between hindprints. In mud, foreprints and hindprints each approximately 1/4" (68 mm) wide; straddle 1 1/2" (3739 mm).

Sign Black cherry pits, acorns, or various seeds stored in, around, and under logs and tree trunks.
Nest: In any concealed location, constructed of a variety of materials, depending on availability; grasses, leaves, hair, feathers, milkweed silk, shredded bark, moss, cotton, or shredded cloth are common. Often lives in abandoned bird's nest, building a roof over it with new nesting material, or in cavity in tree.