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Nutria Myocastor coypus


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credit: Petar Miloöević/CCSA

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Family: Myocastoridae, Nutrias view all from this family

Description A large, brown, aquatic rodent (also known as the Nutria) with a rounded tail. Larger than muskrats and smaller than Beaver. Coarse, brown outer fur covers a softer, denser underfur.

Dimensions 86-106cm, 30-43cm, 6.7-9.0kg

Habitat Swamps, marshes & bogs, Lakes, ponds, rivers & streams

Range Plains, Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, Southeast, Southwest, Florida, Texas, California, Northwest

Discussion Typically burrows into banks, but also eats and rests on small platforms above water in dense vegetation. A nocturnal feeder on aquatic plants, this exotic species can seriously damage wetlands and crops. Introduced from South America for fur farming in Louisiana and Oregon; now widespread in marshes and lakes in much of the south and northwestern United States.