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Feral Pig Sus scrofa

Track Cloven but more rounded and splayed than deer tracks, 2 1/2" (65 mm) long; hindprints often half covering foreprints; stride 18" (460 mm). In soft earth, front dewclaws (low, long, and pointed) almost always print as crescents outside and behind main print; hind dewclaws print as dots.

Sign Rooted-up earth; tree rubs from ground level to 36" (900 m) high, with clinging hair or mud; muddy wallows.
Nest: Small, grass-lined depression that sow hollows out in a pile of grass and branches in a secluded thicket.
Scat: Massed pellets or sausage-like segments, usually found with other sign.
Trail: Narrower than domestic pig's, almost a single line.