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Bighorn Sheep Ovis canadensis

Track Double-lobed prints, 33 1/2" (7590 mm) long, with hindprints slightly smaller than foreprints; similar to deer's but with straighter edges--less pointed and often more splayed at front, and less heart-shaped. When walking downhill on soft ground, dewclaws may print 2 dots behind hoofprint. Walking gait about 18" (450 mm); bounding gait on level ground 15' (4.5 m), down steep incline 30' (9 m).

Sign Bed: Depression about 4' (1.2 m) wide, up to 1' (.3 m) deep, usually smelling of urine, almost always edged with droppings.
Scat: Small, dark pellets, usually bell-shaped, sometimes massed if vegetation is succulent.
Trails: Similar to that of Mountain Goat or deer, but at elevations higher than deer trails and on slopes less precipitous than Mountain Goat trails. Shed or snagged hair, longer and generally darker than deer and Mountain Goat hair, may help identify trail.