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American Bison Bison bison

Track Cloven hearts, similar to those of domestic cow, but rounder and somewhat larger, about 5" (125 mm) wide for mature bull. Dewclaws do not print. On hard ground, cleft between facing crescent lobes may not show; tracks may then resemble horse's hoofprints.

Sign In wooded habitat, trees ringed with pale “horn rubs” or “head rubs” where bark is worn away; trampled ground underneath such trees or around rubbed boulders.
Wallows: Especially in plains habitat, dusty saucer-like depressions, 8–10' (2.4–3 m) wide, 1' (.3 m) deep, where bison has rolled and rubbed repeatedly, dust-bathing to relieve itching and to rid coat of insects. Bull may urinate in dry wallows, then cake himself with mud as protection against insect pests.
Scat: Similar to that of domestic cow; round flat pads, about 10–14” (25–35 cm) in diameter.