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Fisher Martes pennanti

Track Similar to Mink's and American Marten's but larger. Prints wider than long, with claws showing; 2" (50 mm) wide on dirt, to more than 2 5/8" (5067 mm) on snow. Runs with forelimbs moving in sync, one slightly ahead of other. Forepaws leave ground just before hindpaws arrive, resulting in typical mustelid twin prints, or sets of 2 prints, 1 slightly ahead of the other. Tracks may end abruptly at base of tree.

Sign A dead porcupine, partially eaten and lying on its back, is a good sign that a Fisher has been nearby.
Scat: 46" (100150 mm) long, dark, roughly cylindrical, often segmented; may show fur, bone, berries, or nuts. Scat with porcupine quills almost a sure sign of Fisher.