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Striped Skunk Mephitis mephitis

Track 5 toes print when clear; sometimes claws show. Foreprints 11 3/4" (2544 mm) long, slightly wider. Hindprints 1 1/4 2" (3250 mm) long, slightly narrower, broader at front; somewhat flat-footed. Stride 46" (100150 mm). Because skunks shuffle and waddle, tracks are relatively close together, and foreprints and hindprints usually do not overlap. When animal is running, stride is longer, and hindfeet print ahead of forefeet. Trail undulates slightly because of waddling walk.

Sign Strong odor if skunk has sprayed recently. When foraging, leaves small pits in ground or patches of clawed-up earth and disturbed leaf litter and vegetation.
Den: Burrow, in any protected place (hollow log, rocky crevice, burrow, under a building), with up to 5 entrances, each about 8" (200 mm) in diameter, and a strong musky odor. Entrances well hidden, but sometimes marked with nesting material and snagged hairs. Burrow has 13 chambers, 1215" (300380 mm) in diameter; one chamber has nest of dried grass.
Scat: Varies (as with most omnivores): generally dark, cylindrical, sometimes segmented, varying in size.