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American Marten Martes americana


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American Marten
credit: United States Fish and Wildlife Service

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Family: Mustelidae, Weasels view all from this family

Description Identifiable with bushy tail, buff-orange throat patch, and sharp facial profile. Fur varies from light to dark brown. Legs are short and ears are small and rounded. Larger than American Mink and smaller than Fisher.

Dimensions 560-680cm, 20-23cm, 470-1250g; / 50-60cm, 18-20cm, 280-850g

Similar Species Larger than American Mink and smaller than Fisher.

Habitat Alpine & subalpine habitats, Forests & woodlands

Range Plains, Great Lakes, New England, Mid-Atlantic, Rocky Mountains, Southwest, California, Northwest, Eastern Canada, Western Canada, Alaska

Discussion Predominantly a predator of small mammals and birds, will also eat fruits and insects. Active day and night year-round, with peaks at dawn and dusk, but secretive and rarely seen. Maximum lifespan 15 years. Sensitive to trapping pressure and logging; recent natural expansions and managed reintroductions are helping Martens reclaim some of their historic range. Arboreal and terrestrial hunter of coniferous forests.