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American Badger Taxidea taxus

Track Turned in sharply. Foreprint 2" (50 mm) wide and long, even though little heel pad shows; longer when claw tips show. Hindprint narrower than foreprint, 2" (50 mm) long. Gait variable, with hindprint printing before or behind forefoot. Stride 612" (150300 mm); straddle 57" (125175 mm), wider in snow.

Sign Den: Burrow with 812" (200300 mm) elliptical entrance to accommodate animal's flattish shape; surrounded by large mound of earth scattered with bones, fur, rattlesnake rattles, and droppings. In vicinity of burrow, other elliptical holes dug when foraging; burrows of prairie dogs with openings enlarged to capture occupants.
Scat: Cylindrical, usually segmented, often showing bits of bone and fur; definitive only in association with other American Badger signs.