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Mink Mustela vison

Track Fairly round, 1 1/4 1 5/8" (3040 mm) wide, more than 2" (50 mm) in snow. A clear print may show heel pad, all 5 slightly webbed toes separately, and semi-retractile claws. Hindfeet 2 1/4" (55 mm) long in mud, 3 1/2" (90 mm) in snow, and placed nearly in prints of forefeet. Trail of twin prints 1225" (300650 mm) apart, depending on animal's size and speed.

Sign Hole in snow where Mink has plunged after prey. Trough in snow, similar to otter slide but smaller.
Den: Openings in stream banks, 4" (100 mm) wide.
Scat: Dark brown or black, roughly cylindrical, 56" (127152 mm) long, sometimes segmented; often with bits of fur or bone. Usually deposited on rocks, logs, beaver lodges, and near den.