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Northern Right-whale Dolphin Lissodelphis borealis


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Northern Right-whale Dolphin
credit: NOAA

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Family: Delphinidae, Ocean Dolphins view all from this family

Description Our only slender, beaked dolphin without a dorsal fin. All other dark dolphins have blunt faces and obvious dorsal fins. Dark color is broken up by white on lower jaw, chest, belly, and under the fluke. Calves are grayish brown or cream-colored. Jumps with low-angle leaps.

Dimensions 2-3.1m; / 2-2.6mm, 60-113kg

Habitat Offshore waters

Range California, Northwest, Western Canada

Discussion Dive up to 200m in search of fish and squid, and capable of speeds up to 34km per hour. Widely distributed and relatively abundant in deep waters of the Pacific, where they form herds of hundreds or even thousands of individuals.