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Coyote Canis latrans

Track Similar to domestic dog's, but in a nearly straight line; hindfeet usually come down in foreprints. 4 toes print, all with claws. Foreprint about 2 3/8" (62 mm) long, hindprint slightly smaller. Straddle about 68" (150200 mm). Stride 13" (330 mm) when walking, 24" (600 mm) when trotting, 30" (750 mm) or more when running; much wider gaps signify leaps.

Sign Long, meandering, habitually used hunting trails or runways. Tracks and scat most often seen where runways intersect or on a hillock or open spot, vantage points where Coyotes linger to watch for prey.
Dens: Favored sites are riverbanks, well-drained slopes, sides of canyons, and gulches. Den mouths usually 12' (3060 cm) wide, often marked by mound or fan of earth and tracks.
Scat: Typically canine; often full of hair and usually deposited on runway.