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Red Fox Vulpes vulpes (Vulpes fulva)

Track Similar to those of Common Gray Fox, but usually slightly larger, with smaller toe prints. Foreprint about 2 1/8" (55 mm) long, hindprint slightly smaller, narrower, more pointed. Often blurred, especially in winter when feet are heavily haired, with lobes and toes less distinctly outlined than those of Common Gray Fox. In heavy snow, tail may brush out tracks.

Sign Den: Maternity den, commonly an enlarged Woodchuck or American Badger den, usually in sparse ground cover on slight rise, with view of all approaches; may also be in streambank, slope, or rock pile, or in hollow tree or log. Main entrance in earthen mound, typically up to 3' (1 m) wide, slightly higher, with littered fan or mound of packed earth; 13 smaller, less-conspicuous escape holes. Den well marked with excavated earth, cache mounds where food is buried, holes where food has been dug up, and scraps of bones and feathers.
Scat: Similar to that of Common Gray Fox, but sometimes paler. Varies with diet.