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Florida Panther Puma concolor coryi

Track Prints quite round, usually with all 4 lower toes showing but no claw marks, as claws are retracted. Foreprint 3 1/44" (80100 mm) long; hindprint slightly smaller. Lobed heel pad has single scalloped edge at front, double scalloped edge at rear. Tracks usually in a fairly straight line, staggered in pairs, with hindfoot track close to or overlapping forefoot track, but seldom registering precisely within it. Straddle 810" (200250 mm); length of stride 1228" (300700 mm). Longer gaps indicate bounding, when all feet come down close together. In snow, prints slightly larger, sometimes blurred by thicker winter fur, and elongated by foot drag marks; in deep snow, tail may drag and leave trace between prints.