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Lynx Lynx canadensis (Lynx lynx, Felis lynx)

Track Foreprint 34 1/4" (75110 mm) long, almost as wide; hindprint slightly smaller; both with 4 toes, no claws showing. Because of well-furred paws, prints are much larger and rounder than Bobcat's; prints are especially large when toe pads spread and blur in powdery snow. Toe pads smaller, more widely spaced than those of other cats. Straddle usually less than 7" (175 mm). Normal stride 1416" (350400 mm), but may have long gaps, as Lynx occasionally leaps as if practicing pounce.

Sign Leaves scratches on low, tree-trunk "scratching post." Covers its kills with a thin layer of snow or litter. Creates scent posts by urinating on trees and stumps.
Scat: Similar to a domestic dog's, but more segmented. Divisions between segments run straight across (diagonal in dogs).