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Southeastern Crowned Snake Tantilla coronata


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Southeastern Crowned Snake
credit: Todd. W. Pierson/CCSA

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Family: Colubridae, Colubrid Snakes view all from this family

Description Black head with a yellowish crossbar, followed by a black collar 3 to 5 scales wide. 15 rows of smooth scales. Divided anal plate.

Dimensions 13.4-33cm. (5 1/4-13")

Breeding Breeds April-May. 1-3 eggs laid in June but produce more than 3 eggs, but reabsorb more than the 3 eventually laid.

Habitat Moist soil in flatwoods, forests, sandhills.

Range Virginia to Georgia through to Gulf coast, Florida Panhandle, Louisiana and Indiana.

Discussion Nocturnal. Hides under logs, forest debris and rocks. Diet of worms, slugs, insects and larvae. Mild venom produced when it bites, but not dangerous to humans especially since it won't bite if handled.