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Sheep Frog Hypopachus variolosus


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Sheep Frog
credit: Pstevendactylus

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Family: Microhylidae, Narrow-mouthed Frogs view all from this family

Description Small, round & plump. Brown-Olive with yellow line down middle of back. Dark mottling on belly. Prominent spades on hind feet. Dark throat on males.

Dimensions 2.5-4.4cm. (1-1 3/4")

Voice Distinctive call similar to bleating sheep.

Breeding Begins after heaving rainfall. Eggs laid floating on waters surface, hatches after 24 hours. Transforms after 1 month.

Habitat Ponds, marshes and subterranean burrows under leaf litter.

Range Texas.

Discussion Nocturnal. Rarely spotted during the day. Burrows in nests of rodents or hides under forest and leaf litter. Ants and termites form most of its diet.