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Couch's Spadefoot Scaphiopus couchii


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Couch's Spadefoot
credit: Clinton & Charles Robertson

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Family: Pelobatidae, Spadefoot Toads view all from this family

Description Plump. Tan-gray/green/brown. Smooth skinned. Darker mottling or spotting. Sickle-shaped spade on hind feet.

Dimensions 5.7-8.9cm. (2 1/4-3 1/2")

Voice Similar sound to bleating lamb.

Breeding After sufficient rainfall. April-September. Eggs attached to vegetation in temporary pools. In warm conditions hatches within 36 hours. Transforms after 2-6 weeks.

Habitat Can survive dry areas. Short grass prairies

Range Baja peǹnsula, California & Arizona into Mexico.

Discussion Discovered by Darius Nash Couch, while on expedition in northern Mexico. Nocturnal. Burrows underground in dry periods.