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Rough-skinned Newt Taricha granulosa


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Rough-skinned Newt
credit: The High Fin Sperm Whale

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Family: Salamandridae, Newts view all from this family

Description Rough, warty skin. Black-light brown. Yellow/orange underside. Males have smooth skin during breeding.

Dimensions 12.7-21.6cm. (5-8 1/2")

Warning The skin secretions of the Newts of the genus Taricha contain toxins similar to those found in pufferfish liver. These are among the deadliest natural toxins yet discovered. A healthy adult will die from eating just one Newt. Care should be taken to wash hands thoroughly after handling Newts.

Subspecies Rough-skinned - uniform color, sometimes with dark spots. Same range.
Crater Lake - dark blotches. Oregon - Crater Lake National Park.

Breeding December-July. Eggs laid on submerged plants. Hatches after 5-10 weeks. Larvae transform June/July.

Habitat Lakes, slow moving stream, humid forests.

Range California coast to ne. Alaska. Population introduced to Moscow, Idaho.

Discussion Strong poison. Mostly toxic if newt is ingested but can cause skin irritation. Induces paralysis and death in prey or predators. Common garter snake thought to be immune to the toxin.