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Brown Anole Anolis sagrei


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Brown Anole, throatfan extended
credit: lanare

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Family: Polychrotidae, Anoles view all from this family

Description Yellow/red-orange throat fan. Toe pads large. Tan-dark reddish brown. Brownish diamonds or stripe on back. Compressed tail.

Dimensions 13-21.3cm. (5-8 3/4")

Subspecies Cuban - Throatfan Red-orange. Georigia through Florida.
Bahaman - Mustard yellow throatfan. Florida (Lake Worth, Miami and Chokoloskee Island)

Breeding Spring-summer. Eggs laid singularly June-September. Hatches after 1 month.

Habitat Within 2m (6'6") of the ground. Schrubs, trees and rock piles.

Range Florida, Georgia, Texas, Louisiana. Originally from Cuba & Bahamas.

Discussion Diurnal. Molts in small pieces unlike other reptiles that shed their whole skin at once. Males territorial and will defend it if intruders come in. Diet mainly of insects, grasshoppers, spiders and ants. Those in Florida similar to Cuban subspecies, other individuals different from original subspecies.