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Green Frog Rana clamitans


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Green Frog, Northern subspecies
credit: Tyler Aboretum

© Lang Elliot/ (audio)

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Alternate name: Bronze Frog

Family: Ranidae, True Frogs view all from this family

Description Bright yellow throat on male. Green-bronze/brown. External eardrums large. Dorsolateral ridges. White belly, darker pattern of stripes/spots.

Dimensions 5.4-10.8cm. (2 1/8-4 1/4")

Subspecies Bronze - Bronze/brown. North/South Carolina - Florida, Texas & Gulf.
Northern Green - Greenish/brown. Ontario, Newfoundland through North Carolina, Oklahoma. Also Canada, Hawaii and west.

Voice Rasp, similar to a banjo twang. Repeated rapidly.

Breeding March-August. Takes place underwater. 3-4 clutches of up to 7000 eggs laid under water. Metamorphosis may happen in the same breeding season.

Habitat Shallow fresh water—ponds, road-side ditches, lakes, swamps, streams, and brooks.

Range Eastern North America.

Discussion Nocturnal. Rest along shore, dive into water if approached/threatened. Rarely vocalises if caught. Eats any animal it can fit in its mouth, mostly insects.