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Tailed Frog Ascaphus truei


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Tailed Frog
credit: Mokele/CCSA

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Family: Ascaphidae, Tailed Frogs view all from this family

Description Visible tail. Olive-green/gray to black. Stripe from eye to snout. Males have pear-shaped tail used for internal fetilization. Vertical pupil. Long toes.

Dimensions 2.5-5.1cm. (1-2")

Voice none.

Breeding May-september. Eggs attached to sides of rocks facing downstream.

Habitat Mountain streams. Water near damp forests. cliffs near waterfalls.

Range British Columbia through nw. California. Oregon, Washington & Montana.

Discussion Lives underwater. Mouthparts allow tadpoles to cling to rocks in flowing streams. Hang onto anything solid including humans. Transform 1-3 years.