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Great Basin Spadefoot Spea intermontana


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Great Basin Spadefoot
credit: Kaylamh

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Family: Pelobatidae, Spadefoot Toads view all from this family

Description Stout, Gray-olive brown. Wedge-shaped spade on hind feet. Hump between eyes and smooth skin. Stripes along sides. White belly.

Dimensions 3.8-5.1cm. (1 1/2-2")

Voice Throaty sounds, rapidly repeated.

Breeding April-July. After heavy rainfall. Eggs laid in temporary pools or slow moving water. 300-500 eggs laid near waters edge. Hatches after 2-4 days. Transforms after 2-6 weeks.

Habitat Spruce-fir forests, semidesert shrubland, sagebrush flats, temperate grasslands, and deserts.

Range British Columbia through to California. Also Colorado & New Mexico.

Discussion Nocturnal. Forages for insects. If one stamps near its burrow it may surface. Ants make up most of their diet.