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Bicolor Lespedeza Lespedeza bicolor


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Bicolor Lespedeza
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Alternate name: Shrubby Bush-clover

Family: Fabaceae, Pea view all from this family

Description Introduced. A large, open, flowering shrub from Japan that has become an invasive weed in eastern North America.
Height: 4-10' (1.2-3 m).
Leaves: 3/4-2" (2-5 cm) long, divided into 3 oval leaflets.
Flowers: rose to magenta-purple pea flowers, in clusters at branch tips.
Fruit: pod, containing a single seed.

Habitat Disturbed habitats, fields, open woods, woodland edges, roadsides.

Range Japan native; introduced in the United States and found from Massachusetts to Florida and west to Missouri and Louisiana.

Discussion This invasive plant can shade out native trees and other plants. It is heavily promoted as a wildlife planting, but because of its invasive qualities is a poor choice for the environment.