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Bell's Honeysuckle Lonicera x bella


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Bell's Honeysuckle
© Mike Clayton

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Alternate name: Showy Bush-honeysuckle

Family: Caprifoliaceae, Honeysuckle view all from this family

Description Non-native. A large, spreading, hybrid Eurasian shrub that is considered a noxious or invasive pest in North America.
Height: to 20' (6 m).
Leaves: 2-4" (5-10 cm) long; ovate; opposite; hairy.
Flowers: tubular; in pairs; white to pink, yellowing with age; fragrant.
Fruit: red, orange, or yellow berry.

Warning Berries may be mildly poisonous if eaten.

Habitat Mainly open, disturbed habitats, such as fencerows, old fields, and roadsides; also colonizes open woodlands and edges.

Range Hybrid garden shrub; escaped from cultivation and naturalized in the eastern United States, from Maine to South Carolina and west to Illinois and Wisconsin, and in Wyoming in the West.

Discussion Bell's Honeysuckle is a hybrid of Morrow's and Tatarian Honeysuckles, two introduced species from Eurasia. All three of these bush honeysuckles are considered noxious or invasive pests in North America. They spread aggressively into open spaces, and because they leaf out early in the spring and retain their leaves into the fall, they can shade out other plants, including natives.