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Cabbage Palmetto Sabal palmetto


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Alternate name: Cabbage Palm, Swamp Cabbage

Family: Arecaceae, Palm view all from this family

Description An erect, unbranched palm tree. Trunk gray-brown. Leaves fan-shaped, palmately divided, and spineless. Borne on a prominently-arching midrib and may be 1-3 m. long. (3-9 ft.) Flowers perfect, showy, creamy to yellowish white, borne in arching or drooping clusters. Fruit black, fleshy, drupe that contains a single brown spherical seed.

Dimensions Height: 9-15 m. or more. (30-50 ft.)
Diameter: 0.5 m. (1 1/2 ft.).

Habitat Beaches & shorelines, Cities, suburbs & towns, Scrub, shrub & brushlands.

Range Florida, Southeast.

Discussion Used for warf pilings, poles, broom handles, and ornamental table tops. Sea-worm resistant, splinter resistant, and unusual looking (no growth rings).
Black bears, raccoons, bats, northern bobwhites, wild turkeys, ring-necked gulls, cardinals, great-tailed grackles, blue jays, and scrub jays all eat cabbage palmetto fruit. White-tailed deer eat the fruit, but foliage is not browsed.