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Brewer Spruce Picea breweriana


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Alternate name: Weeping Spruce

Family: Pinaceae, Pine view all from this family

Description Large evergreen coniferous tree. Bark thin, scaly, purple-gray. Crown distinguished by level branches, vertically pendulous branchlets, each forming a 'curtain' of foliage. Foliage develops when the tree is 1.5-2 m. tall; young trees open-crowned with sparse, level branchlets. Shoots orange-brown, Leaves borne singly on the pulvini, needle-like, flattened in cross-section, glossy dark green above, with two bands of white stomata below. Cones longer than most other North American spruces, pendulous, cylindrical, 8-15 cm. long and 2 cm. broad when closed, opening to 3-4 cm. Scales smoothly rounded, thin, flexible 2 cm. long. Immature cones dark purple, maturing red-brown 5-7 months after pollination. Seeds black 3-4 mm. long, with a slender 12-18 mm. long pale brown wing.

Dimensions Height: 20-40 m.
Diameter: up to 1.5 m.

Habitat Mountains.

Range California, Northwest.

Discussion One of the rarest spruces in the continent, endemic to the Klamath Mountains of southwest Oregon and northwest California. DNA analyses has shown that Picea breweriana has a basal position in the Picea clade, suggesting that Picea originated in North America. Grows very slowly, typically less than 20-30 cm/year. Used as ornamental tree in gardens, greatly appreciated for its pendulous foliage.