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Atlas Cedar Cedrus atlantica


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Atlas Cedar, cones
credit: Lin%C3%A91/CCSA

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Alternate name: Atlas Mountain Cedar

Family: Pinaceae, Pine view all from this family

Description Large silvery blue evergreen tree. Crown pyramidal, sparsely branched. Bark gray, fissured. Branches massive horizontal, ascending, spreading. Needles short, silvery bluish green, characterized by their "rosettes" on a short stem. Rosettes have 30-40 needles. Male cones on lower part of tree, female cones on top branches. Cones light brown, cylindrical, 5-7 cm long, 4 cm wide. Scales numerous, large. Seed winged.

Dimensions Height: 30–35 m (rarely 40m)
Diameter: 1.5–2 m.

Habitat Cities, suburbs & towns.

Range Great Lakes, California, Florida, Southeast, New England, Northwest, Mid-Atlantic.

Discussion Named Atlas Mountains of Algeria and Morocco. More tolerant of dry and hot conditions than most conifers. Modern sources treat it as a distinct species Cedrus atlantica, some sources consider it a subspecies of Lebanon Cedar. Provides habitat for the endangered Barbary Macaque, a primate that had a prehistorically much wider distribution in northern Morocco and Algeria. Cedar plantations, mainly with Cedrus atlantica, have been established in southern France for timber production.