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Cryptomeria Cryptomeria japonica


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Alternate name: Japanese-cedar, Sugi

Family: Cupressaceae, Cypress view all from this family

Description Very large, stately evergreen. Bark red-brown, peeling in vertical strips. Foliage evergreen, bronze during cold months, becomes green in spring. Needles green to bluish green, 0.5–1 cm (0.20–0.39 in.)spirally arranged. Cones dark brown, globular, 1–2 cm (0.39–0.79 in) diameter with about 20–40 scales. Wood scented, resinous, reddish-pink color, lightweight, strong, waterproof and resistant to decay.

Dimensions Height: 15-24 m. (50-80 ft.)
Diameter: 0.6 m. (2 ft.).

Habitat Cities, suburbs & towns, Watersides (fresh).

Range Southeast.

Discussion Used in forestry plantations and widely cultivated as ornamental. Favored for its light wood and extensively used in house building. Often called Japanese Cedar in English, though the tree is not related to the cedars.