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Two-toed Amphiuma Amphiuma means


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Two-toed Amphiuma
credit: Brian Gatwicke

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Family: Amphiumidae, Amphiumas view all from this family

Description Snake-like. 4 minuscule legs with 2 toes on each which are virtually useless. Dark grayish-brown in color. 58 coastal grooves.

Dimensions 46-117cm. (18-46")

Breeding Breeds June/July in N. Carolina and Florida. January/February in s. Florida. 200 eggs in a clutch, laid in a damp area under vegetation. Females coiled around clutch until hatching, around 5 months. Larvae born with gills. Gills lost soon after hatching.

Habitat Acidic Swampy waters and drainage ditches.

Range Coastal plains. Virgina to Florida, also Louisiana.

Discussion Nocturnal. If disturbed they can inflict nasty bites. Rarely leaves water, but will do so in rainfall. It will dig a burrow in muddy bottoms or invade burrows of other marine inhabitants. Eats small fish, snails and insect larvae. If disturbed will give a clear whistle.