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Coast Mole Scapanus orarius


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Family: Talpidae, Moles view all from this family

Description The forefoot is broader than it is long, and the hindfoot is less than 24mm long. Evenly spaced unicuspids and scantily haired tail distinguish it from Broad-footed Mole, and it is slightly smaller than Townsend’s Mole. Some individuals have patches of white, cream, yellow, or orange fur on the belly. Mounds of soil deposited on the surface from tunneling activities are slightly smaller than those of Townsend’s Mole.

Dimensions 136-190mm, 30-45mm, 64-91g; / 133-168mm, 21-46mm, 61-79g

Habitat Beaches, shorelines & estuaries, Meadows & fields, Forests & woodlands

Range Rocky Mountains, California, Northwest, Western Canada

Discussion Occurs in coastal sand dunes, grassy meadows, sagebrush grasslands, deciduous forest, and coniferous woodlands.