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Baker Cypress Cupressus bakeri


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Alternate name: Siskiyou Cypress, Modoc Cypress

Family: Cupressaceae, Cypress view all from this family

Description Medium-sized evergreen tree. Crown narrow conic. Foliage gray to blue green, sparse, fragrant, in pendulous sprays. Leaves scale-like, 2-5 mm long, and produced on rounded (not flattened) shoots. Cones globose to oblong, covered in warty resin glands, 10-25 mm long, with 6 or 8 (rarely 4 or 10) scales, green to brown at first, maturing gray or gray-brown about 20–24 months after pollination. Male cones 3-5 mm long, and release pollen in February-March.

Dimensions Height: 9-30 m. (30-100 ft.)
Diameter: 0.6 m. (2 ft.).

Habitat Mountains.

Range California, Northwest.

Discussion Usually found in small, scattered populations, not in large forests. Rare and slow-growing in the wild, restricted to sites difficult for plant growth which enables it to avoid competition from much faster-growing trees. Named for its discoverer, California botanist Milo Samuel Baker (1868-1961).