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Western Blind Snake Leptotyphlops humilis


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Western Blind Snake
credit: Eugene Van der Pijil

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Alternate name: Western Threadsnake

Family: Leptoyyphlopidae, Slender Blind Snakes view all from this family

Description Resembles a long earthworm. It lives underground in burrows, and since it has no use for vision, its eyes are mostly vestigial. The western blind snake is pink, purple, or silvery-brown in color, shiny, wormlike, cylindrical and blunt at both ends, and has light-detecting black eyespots.

Dimensions 17.8-40.6cm. (7-16")

Subspecies Southerwestern - Midback has 7-9 dark scale rows. Nevada to Arizona.
Desert - Midback has 5 rows of bright scales. Arizona, California to Mexico.
Trans-Pecos. Midback scales darkly colored, 7 scale rows. Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Mexico.
Utah - Midback has 7 scale rows. Utah to Nevada.

Breeding Spring. 2-6 eggs per clutch, 15mm (5/8") long when laid. Females guard eggs, often in a communal nest. 9cm (3 1/2") when hatched.

Habitat Moist grasslands, scrub, canyons and foothills.

Range Utah, Nevada, California through Baja California. Also Arizona, New Mexico, Texas to Mexico.

Discussion Thick skull to aid burrowing. Emerges at sunset on warmer nights. Ants and termites form main diet.