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Cut-leaved Teasel Dipsacus laciniatus


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Cut-leaved Teasel
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Family: Dipsacaceae, Teasel view all from this family

Description Introduced. An upright-growing, prickly plant with coarsely lobed leaves that surround the stem and form a cup.
Flowers: usually white; tiny; packed in a dense, oval head at tip of stem; long, usually upcurved, spiny bracts surround base of flowering head.
Leaves: opposite; deeply, pinnately lobed; joining at stem to form cup; prickly.
Height: 6-7' (2 m).

Flower July-September.

Habitat Open disturbed areas, such as roadsides, and natural habitats like prairies and meadows.

Range Eurasia native; introduced to North America and northeastern United States; recorded from Massachusetts and New York to Virginia, and west to Minnesota and Colorado.

Discussion Cut-leaved Teasel spreads by seeds and can quickly form a monocultural stand, outcompeting all other flora, including native species. If unchecked, this aggressive teasel can damage sensitive native habitats such as prairies. It is considered a noxious or invasive pest in North America.