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Field Garlic Allium vineale


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Field Garlic
© George H. Bruso

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Family: Liliaceae, Lily view all from this family

Description Introduced. From between weak, hollow, cylindrical leaves that sprout from a bulb rises a stem topped by a round cluster of star-shaped flowers. Plant has a strong garlic taste and odor.
Flowers: small, greenish or purplish, in round umbel, above cluster of long-tailed bulblets; one bract beneath the umbel.
Height: 6-36" (15-90 cm).

Habitat Disturbed areas, lawns, fields, pastures.

Range Introduced from Europe; naturalized from southern Ontario and New England, south to Florida, west to Louisiana, and north to Nebraska, Iowa, and Wisconsin; also northern California, Oregon, and Washington.

Discussion This introduced garlic has become a problem weed throughout the East and the far West, and is classified as a noxious or invasive pest in many areas. As with some other Allium species, if these plants are too abundant in pastures or wheat fields they add an undesirable flavor to such products as milk, butter, or flour.