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Michigan Lily Lilium michiganense


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Michigan Lily
© Jason Husveth

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Family: Liliaceae, Lily view all from this family

Description Michigan Lily is a single-stemmed perennial with sword-like leaves arranged in whorls. The stem often branches at the tip to form additional flower stalks. Orange flowers, up to 3" (7.5 cm) across, have petals that curve backward, almost touching the base of the flower. Dark spots mark the inner surface of the six petal segments.
Height: 2-6' (0.6-1.8 m).

Flower Mid-June to August.

Habitat Wet meadows and prairies, watersides, swamps, low ground.

Range Far northwestern New York, southern Ontario, and Minnesota south to western Tennessee and Arkansas, west to the far northeastern corner of Oklahoma and north to extreme southeastern South Dakota.

Discussion The "petals" on this lily are actually three petals and three sepals. The petals and sepals may look the same in this species (in many other flowers they don't), but they are different plant parts: petals form a flower's corolla while sepals are modified leaves that make up the calyx, which surrounds the corolla. Michigan Lily is a beauty for a native wildflower garden; choose a spot that gets partial sun and has deep, fertile, moist, cool soil.