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Shrubby Tiquilia Tiquilia greggii


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Shrubby Tiquilia
credit: James Manhart, TAMU Herbarium

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Alternate name: Plumed Crinklemat

Family: Boraginaceae, Borage view all from this family

Description A small, round, gray shrub with many twigs bearing funnel-shaped, pink or reddish-lavender flowers in small, feathery clusters.
Habit: native perennial subshrub or shrub; leafy, heavily-branched.
Height: to 2 ft (60 cm).
Leaf: gray, oval, hairy, to .2 in (1 cm) long.
Flower: trumpet-shaped corolla, 5-lobed, pink to magenta, about 1/4 in (6 mm) wide; held in terminal cluster of around 3 flowerheads, above feathery purple-gray ball, to 1 in (25 mm) wide, which is actually the calyx cluster.
Fruit: tiny, dry nutlet.

Flower March-August.

Habitat Limestone soils; dry, well-drained sites; rocky ledges; also cultivated as an ornamental.

Range New Mexico and Texas, into Mexico.

Discussion Also known as plumed crinklemat, crinklemat, plume tiquilia. This plant was known as Coldenia greggii, but that genus is now realized to be restricted to the Eastern Hemisphere; Western Hemisphere plants form the genus Tiquilia. Shaggy Tiquilia (T. canescens), a tufted or matted plant with pale lavender or whitish flowers, is found in southern California east to Texas and south to northern Mexico.