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Fringed Puccoon Lithospermum incisum


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Fringed Puccoon
credit: JerryFriedman/CCSA

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Alternate name: Stoneseed, Gromwell, Fringed Gromwell, Narrowleaf puccoon

Family: Boraginaceae, Borage view all from this family

Description Hairy, erect or bushy plant with distinctive lemon-yellow flowers, minutely fringed as if gnawed by an insect.
Habit: native perennial herb; one or many hairy stems, branched above; heavy black taproot.
Height: 4-20 in (10-50 cm)
Leaf: alternate, very narrow, pointed, rough, finely hairy, rolled edges, 1-4 in (2.5-10 cm) long, becoming smaller above.
Flower: slender funnel, 5 finely fringed lobes, pale yellow to bright yellow to gold, to 1.5 in (4 cm) high, 0.3-1 in (8-25 mm) wide.
Fruit: hard nutlet, pale gray, shiny, pitted, 4-parted, to 1/8 in (3 mm) long.

Flower May to July.

Flower April - June

Habitat dry soils in moderately grazed native prairie.

Range Native to central North America, from southern Canada south through the prairies and plains states to northern Mexico, at elevations up to 8,500 ft (2600 m).

Discussion Also known as puccoon, narrowleaf stoneseed, plains stoneseed, narrowleaf gromwell, fringed gromwell. The latin names Lithospermum angustifolium, Lithospermum linearifolium are also used. Endangered in Indiana, probably extirpated in Michigan.

Exposure Preference Sun.

Native Distribution S. Ontario to s.e. British Columbia, s. to Kentucky, Arkansas, Texas & Arizona

Site Preference Dry prairies; open woods; disturbed areas

Soil Preference Dry sandy, clay or loamy soils.