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Woolly Pussytoes Antennaria lanata


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Woolly Pussytoes
credit: Jason Hollinger/CCSA

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Family: Asteraceae, Aster view all from this family

Description A woolly, clump-forming plant of mountain meadows.
Habit: native perennial herb; woody base.
Height: 1-8 in (3-20 cm)
Leaf: at base, erect, narrow, pointed, oblanceolate, 3-nerved, woolly or hairy, 0.5-4 in long, 0.125-0.5 in (3-12 mm) wide; on stem, becoming linear, fewer, smaller.
Flower: small white bushy globes, held in tufted clusters to 0.5 in (12 mm) wide.
Fruit: tiny dry seed, to 1/16 in (1.6 mm) long.

July to September.

Habitat Alpine and subalpine meadows; protected alpine and subalpine sites, gravelly or sandy soils near conifers at timberline; 4600-11,000 ft (1400-3400 m).

Range British Columbia and Alberta south to Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming.