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Vine Maple Acer circinatum


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Family: Aceraceae, Maple view all from this family

Description Long-lived, shade-tolerant, deciduous shrub or small tree which shows a high degree of variation in growth form. Shoots slender and hairless. Leaves opposite, palmately lobed with 7-11 lobes, almost circular in outline, 3-14 cm. long and broad. Lobes pointed and with coarsely toothed margins. Leaves turn bright yellow to orange-red in fall. Flowers small, 6–9 mm. in diameter, dark red calyx and five short greenish-yellow petals produced in open corymbs of 4-20 together in spring. Fruit, a two-seeded samara, each seed 8-10 mm. diameter, with a spreading wing 2–4 cm. long.

Dimensions Height: 7.6 m. (25 ft.)
Diameter: 20 cm. (8 in.).

Habitat Watersides (fresh), Canyons & valleys.

Range Northwest, Western Canada, Alaska, California.

Discussion Vine Maples bend over easily. This can cause the top of the tree to grow into the ground and send out a new root system, creating a natural arch.